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PTP Ice Therapy Ball


Benefit from ice therapy or easy-glide massage with the PTP Ice Ball. Use it frozen for a short time to help alleviate acute pain by simple contact on areas of trauma. Or use it at room temperature to roll out muscle restrictions and activate blood flow.

The unique finger groove design of the protective cover allows for a comfortable grip and prevents fingers from getting cold. The socket provides the stability needed to let you rest a targeted muscle on the ball and use your body weight for added convenience. Featuring a removable steel ball, you can also choose to use the Ice Ball on its own to easily self-massage those hard-to-reach problem areas.


  • Encapsulated gel provides prolonged cooling
  • Ergonomic base designed to fit fingers and reduce hand fatigue
  • For temporary relief and swelling/inflammation reduction (frozen)
  • Provides prolonged cooling after just 2 hours in the freezer
  • For easy-glide myofascial release (at room temperature)
  • Rubber/latex-free to prevent allergies