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PTP Microband – Medium


The PTP Microband Medium can be used as part of a rehab program and to gently tone-up the glutes, condition shoulders and improve hip mobility. Strengthening & refining activation of the hips and gluteal muscular region can be integral to correct any muscle imbalances. It particularly can alleviate some of the excess strain often place on the lower back muscles. Maintaining good shoulder strength and ROM is also crucial to most of your everyday upper body movements. With PTP Microband Medium, you will be able to improve your muscle & joint mobility and stabilisation for a better performance of your daily movements or favourite sport(s).


  • Best suited for strength & endurance training and facilitating muscle growth
  • Activates lower body muscles by providing a range of multi dimensional exercises that promote glute activation, hip strength & conditioning
  • Builds strength in muscles, tendons and ligaments, safeguards the joints from injury
  • Continuous progressive tension that optimises muscle engagement, while facilitating motor coordination and balance
  • May raise awareness of muscle imbalances and poor proprioception (sense of body position)
  • Can also be used for shoulder stabilisation & integrity exercises
  • Includes a user-friendly exercise guide
  • Made from premium latex for max comfort and durability

Resistance: 5-17 kgs | 11-37.4 lbs
Dimensions: 29.5cm x 7.5cm

*Resistance values are indicative only. They may vary under different circumstances.