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PTP Fascia Roller – Medium


Intensity: Level 6

This intensity is best for a light-to-moderate soft tissue massage whilst still being gentle enough for individuals who are novices to recovery therapy or possess a relatively low tolerance for pain. The size makes it ideal for rolling out the mid-to-upper back muscles.

Stretching Strap INCLUDED

Consisting of looped ends for convenient foot hold and hand grip, the stretching strap enables a fully-controlled, graded approach to stretching. A great complement your foam rolling routine and further assist for the muscles in regaining their full length after a workout.


The wide range of exercises included have been carefully developed by movement experts for you to make the most out of your therapy sessions and target common problem areas.


By utilising your own body weight to sustain pressure and roll, the Fascia Roller allows you to perform self-myofascial release (SMR). This helps muscles and joints return to their natural range of motion, promoting blood and oxygen circulation, and breaking down scar tissue and adhesions (fascia/knots) between skin, muscles and bones.


After intense workouts, microscopic tears and scar tissue can develop in soft tissues, causing tightness and soreness. Prolonged sitting can also result in poor posture, muscle imbalances and adaptive shortening. Lengthening the fascia through rolling can optimise recovery, enhance musculoskeletal alignment and improve performance in both sports or everyday activities.